Monday, September 21, 2009

Tennis anyone?

Here is Davis in some actions shots from tennis practice today.  The tennis practice in which a summer member of the class revisited.  The one with the reputation that preceded her.  The one I had not encountered until this very day.  The one I had thought mostly harmless.  The one that caused the coach to thank Davis for being so polite, helpful and respectful of adults.  Said young person was acidic in her speech, lazy (sat down and waited for all the other students to pick up ALL the tennis balls), checked her phone several times during practice, complained, made derisive comments about other players (Oh no you did not just say that about my son!) and in general sucked the life and fun out of the lesson for coaches and students.  Bitter you say?  Maybe, but my ire was up in defense of my son and all the others who endured practice.  The flesh in me wanted to grab her, throw her over my checkered apron and give her what she deserved.  The Spirit in me wanted to have compassion on her and give her what she needed to heal the hurt that robbed her of all joy and made her life miserable.  So, after practice I asked Davis if he would be embarrassed if I talked to the coach about this little problem.  He was willing for me to do so and I introduced myself to Coach Zach who is supporting himself with tennis lessons while he is church planting in Huntsville.  "Would it be rude for a parent to ask that a student be kicked out of lessons?"  It seems that this was a last chance moment for her and she had failed the test.  Yes, I feel bad for her and at the same time relieved that lessons will have a more positive atmosphere next week.  Final score:  Flesh 1, Spirit 0.


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  2. This is a great story Denise - sometimes it's best for others to suffer consequences of their actions & lack of job performance, especially when it's affecting the self-esteem of kids! I'm glad that you danced your angry self in this instance;) ~Monica

  3. I agree. Maybe she hasn't been told that her actions were inappropriate before. Let's hope that this is a "growth and development" time for her and she will learn from her mistakes. It's probably good that I wasn't there, but it sounds like you did the right thing. Our children have to come first in cases like this. They don't always stand up for themselves.