Thursday, March 17, 2011

76 Gruffalos Led the Small Parade...

Let's do this.

You are embarrassing me Mom.

Not sure who is having more fun: adults or kids?

A Hillman? Anyone?

The Airsoft Gun Club had the coolest ride.

Shout out to Brett Rardin.

Waiting in line: Gabe, Bailey and Maeve
Happy St. Patrick's Day! What, didn't you get a day off work too?  This year we headed to Ashbourne to march with the Gruffalos in the local parade.  Parade recipe:  kids, fire engines, classic cars, candy, loud music, good (questionable) food, bouncy houses and painted faces.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Steel Trap

Part of our dinner conversation:

Scott:  These biscuits are crunchy.  Like you gave me a chocolate chip cookie.  It's flat.  I'm going to cut myself with the knife while I try to cut it open.

Denise: Are you complaining?

Scott:  No, I'm just saying.

Denise:  So, these biscuits are crunchy, like you gave me a chocolate chip cookie, it's flat, I'm going to cut myself with the knife while I try to cut it open, is not complaining?

Davis:  Wow, I can't believe you can remember all that.

Scott:  Uh, you should hear what Granddad has to say about Grandma's memory.

Denise: (smiling like a cheshire cat)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Proof that Victor ate off a girly pink plate.
We got to throw Hyejin a birthday party yesterday after team meeting.  There were some tears but it was all good.  Bailey did some serious decorating and made Hyejin a paper chain with different names of Jesus on each link.  Merschon used her mad cake making skills once again for a beautiful chocolate castle.  Hyejin loves Japanese animation so we named it 'Hyejin's Moving Birthday Castle.'  Shout out to Mr. Kevin, Ethan and Derrick for introducing Bailey to Japanese animation too. 

By the way, we ate breakfast for dinner including Hungarian pancakes courtesy of Victor, Danish pancakes courtesy of Shay and good ol' American pancakes courtesy of Juli.  Can we say 'sugar overload?'