Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GRANDDAD MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a flight filled with a nap Granddad made it to Dublin! We are taking him to Deer Park to view the scenery.  It's our go-to place for the first sightseeing adventure.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Too bad we'll have to thin these apples out.  The whole tree is covered with blossums.

Even Mom got in on the matching outfits.

Watch out Ms. Tanya, Better Homes and Gardens might be calling me soon.
We hiked at Glendalough in the pouring rain last Wednesday but from Thursday on the weather has been glorious.  Seriously, in the low to middle 70s with full sun and light wind.  My inner gardener might be coming out.
Sunday night we had a visitor at home worship come up from Wexford to do a gig Monday evening.  Her name is Kara Dubose and her band is called The Light Parade.  They are awesome.  Check them out on their website:
We also had the rare treat of being with Dale and Vicki Hawley (their son Caleb was on American Idol this season!) who did part of our training with MRN.  Dale is on sabbatical this year and has been doing research on families from the States living abroad.  They have been based in Heidelberg, Germany but have been on a world tour of sorts the past month or so.  They went to Africa for three weeks, came here, left for Paris, will visit the Olomouc team and will go some other places too I'm sure.  We are thankful they came here to talk with and encourage us over a 5 day period. Thanks Dale and Vicki!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trauma: Life in the ER

A visit to our friend Bassy for consultation--free.
An x-ray of one left pinky finger--170 Euro.
Sacrificing your body for the game--priceless.


Peanut butter pie!

Hyejin and Jihnwan got Scott a new golf glove to replace his holey one.

Davis and his groupie.

You probably think I'm going to say something ugly like, 'Scott is older than dirt' or 'What was Moses really like Scott?' but as I prepare to knock on the door of the big 4-0 I'll keep the comments to myself. Scott got to celebrate his birthday with our new friend Astrid who turned 29 yesterday. Seriously, she looks 18 to me.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Happens in Vegas...

also happens in Dublin at a car park paying machine when you put in a 20 Euro bill and you get 19 Euro back in change starting with 1 Euro coins, then 50 cent pieces, then 20 cent pieces.  Now we need an all you can eat buffet open 24/7 for just 9.99.

Sunday, April 3, 2011



Blue, blue, blue sequin shoes.





How many pizza bagels did you eat?

4 layer cake catastrophe, but it tastes great.