Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer of Champions

Yes folks, we have come to the end of another VBS.  The elementary department put on a great presentation this evening telling us old fogies what they learned this summer.  Davis did a great job with the other 5th graders in a skit.  I am proud to say that of all the kids his voice was clear and distinct.  As my Mom used to say to me, "Slow down and speak up so your Grandad can hear you."  Davis got the same advice.  Bailey got to show off her bronze and silver medals on the front row.  She wanted to say the gold medal memory verses near the end but decided, "Mom, I already have the gold because I have those verses in my heart where it counts."  That's good enough for me!


  1. Denise,
    You didn't tell me you had a blog! I found it via Bonnie's site (in a round-about way--you know how we women are). So I just spent the last (?) minutes reading through all your posts. They are so good! I laughed through quite a few, especially the Bailey and Davis funnies. :-)

    Jeff's comment: "I wish the Karnes would just stay at Central." I SO agree. But I know you have a mission in Ireland, and we're praying for it to go well. But if God changes his mind, we at Central would love to keep your whole precious family here.

  2. Jeff and Lisa, Thanks for leaving a comment! If you think I am funny or my kids are funny wait until you meet my brother next weekend. For a little taste you should read the comment he left on the Flat Jesus post. He is the king of dry humor. Denise

  3. We'll look forward to meeting him then! I remember reading the comment but didn't know he was your brother. (Just went back and re-read it again.) Ha. He must be a riot.