Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scott's Orchard and Maci the Bulldog

Inspired by our friend Fritz and the Bender family we hunted down Scott's Orchard in Hazel Green AL on Tuesday.  They wouldn't let us do our own apple picking but we did get to bag up our own 1/2 peck of apples, buy a gallon of cider and sample the delicious icee-type cider.  Oh my was it good!  It was dispensed from one of those slushie makers like you see in 7-11 or Git-n-Split stores.  It reminded me of Apple Town cider in the good ol' days.  Bellying up to the saloon bar next to those creepy mannequins dressed in Western period costumes and receiving that too small plastic cup of cider--good times.  Unfortunately for my family it seems that Bailey and Davis both like apple pie so that means less for us.

Last night after church we came back to the Norville's house where we are house sitting and encountered their next door neighbor Bob and his sweet Bulldog Maci.  She came out of the garage to bark at us but in good Bulldog fashion as soon as I bent down and said, "Hi there sweetheart!" she came running over to get some love.  She is a petite, 1 1/2 year old, fawn colored ball of energy.  Bob has had a long line of Bulldogs, Maci being the 7th.  Some of his former dogs came from a rescue place in South Florida.   Bob retired from the Navy in California and moved to...Fayetteville AR in the late 80s through about 1996.  Small world!  His grandsons are visiting him from Russelville this week before their aunt ships out to Kuwait. 

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