Bailey's Page of Poems

Roses are red
 Violets are blue 
I made this blog 
Because I Love you.

I have one point you have zero
You are the loser and I am the hero. 

The grass makes the sun show
The sun makes the clouds fear so they
Run away nowhere near.

The grass grows the pandas eat lions prey around their feet
The pandas fear so they go nowhere near
The lions fear the rhinoceros near the pandas don't fear the rhinoceros near so they go near and eat their grass
In peace

one side ivy the other side not
green house green door the ivy is not 
the ivy is purple the big clock at the top is blue
down below there's a golden knocker with a lion on top too!
the statues are orange the inside is blue and at the tippy tippy top stands a Irish flag too!
and let me tell you this is the only thing right about this house 
oh and all the other houses are orange black and blue.
   a jewel is peace, a jewel is plain, every jewel is not the same.
  some are round, some are tall, some are square and some are small.
they have hope, they have stains, every jewel is not they same. Jesus loves you anyway.

My limericks

There was a cat that had a pet bat 
Who wanted to get very fat.
The bat got fat.
It pleased the cat
That the bat did indeed get fat.

There was a young girl named Suzy Squirrel
Who would play in the garden 'til noon
She would do her chores and wipe the floors
And her mom would give her a balloon.

There was a big old house that had a wee little mouse
The mouse would tease the house 
And the house would tease the mouse
And the house would kick out the mouse.

A story of the California Gold Rush
 from a gold nugget's perspective
do it with a reporter and county accent
Breaking news:
We have just learned from our reporter Jerry Hightower that a dramatic news comference is about to begin.
"Mr. Gold! Mr Gold! Would you mind telling us your story?"
"My story? It's a long one, but you can hear it.  Let's start from the beginning...It was 1849 or 1850 the first year of the California Gold Rush.I was nine...hundred years old a young feller in the gold mine.One day I was awakened by a pounding on my chest.Someone was trying to get me out of my hole.Ouch! I thought I was having a heart attack! I passed out and when I woke up I was in a pouch with brother Bob,sister Jill,cousin Dave and cousin Barbara.We were headed for San-n-n-n Fr-ran-n-n Cisco-o-o at the first National Bank.
They checked me in a nice hotel room.I chilled there for six years until I was gambled away in a poker game.
My new owner was a jeweller who gave me to his son.Years later the son melted me down to a beautiful ring
you see today.Boy were they shocked when I started talking! They thew me out the window and I started making a living in life.And thats how I stand in front of you today."You heard it here first folks.Back to you Bill."
                                                   Some Dr. Seuss based flower poems.
                                               Janeium Geranium leaned on her caneium
                                            And looked at her catium(cat) in the summer
                                                Jillow Millow climbed up her willow
                                         And grabed at her pillow resting in the willow