Monday, February 21, 2011

Haze and Babel

Really, it's Babe and Hazel but when I was little that is what I called my great aunt and uncle once and it stuck.  Saturday evening Uncle Babe passed away after a battle with cancer.  He and my Grandpa looked the most alike out of the 7 Bailey boys and whenever I saw Babe I could see my Grandpa again.  He will be sorely missed and I ask that you join with me and many others in prayer for Aunt Hazel and the whole family.

Along these same lines, please pray for Mr. Clyde whose beautiful, sweet wife Georgine passed away Saturday evening as well.  I'll never forget one of the first Lifetalks we went to at their house where everyone went around the circle stating their name.  Georgine said, "My name is Georgine." Pause. "My Dad's name was George."  Perfect comedic timing.  Please pray for Clyde and the Central church as they mourn the loss of this wonderful woman.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Because nothing says, 'I love you' like a hacksaw.

We had a wacky Valentine's Day this year by taking a trip to B & Q.  Think Lowe's and Home Depot but with Euro prices.  Instead of the obligatory one dozen long stemmed roses we got Bailey an Orange Dream rose bush.  Davis got a pear tree and a hacksaw to whittle wood.  I got some nesting pots to paint and plant, a hanger for a flower basket and 2 bushes for the front garden.  Scott got to borrow a shovel to dig holes. Mr. Pat (two doors down, not to be confused with Mr. Pat next door) came over to help drill holes for the hanger today.  It takes a village, people.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time Flys When You...

...tell others about Jesus.

...Santa brings you a look alike.

...represent your team.

...have snow at Christmas time. these three.

...get to see these beautiful people.

...make new friends.

...explore new towns.

...learn a new game.

...are chillaxin'.

...pose for a pretty picture.

...take a road trip with these great team mates. with your neighbors. a Tom Sawyer project.

...take silly pictures.

...visit with family. on leprechauns.

...have a front row seat at a parade.

...lose a tooth.

...have a birthday party.

...go hiking with Jo. your family. your friends. Ashlyn grow.

...get stuck because of a volcano. on a team.

...learn to pitch.

...get one of these

...and one of those.

...relive the glory days.

...make evil plans.

...go to camp. a trophy.
...move across the pond.