Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tom and Huck would be so proud.

Or breaking child labor laws.  The wall between us and our fantastic neighbors was looking a little sad.  Amanda suggested at the beginning of summer that we should get the kids to paint it.  So, the day before school started back up we did just that. There's nothing like the last minute.  Our sidewalk, fence, bushes and clothes are a little worse for wear but the wall looks great!  On a more important note, the Hutsons arrived last Wednesday!  We are super excited for them to be here and get settled.  (And it is not just because they went blackberry picking with us in Deer Park last night.)  Now just one more to go and then our team will be all together in one city for the first time.  Please pray that God will reveal Jo's sending church soon.

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  1. I'm in the car waiting on Moo to come back. Thought i'd stop by your blog. Made me tear up a little bit. Can't wait to be with yall! It's thundering, hopefully that means it will storm!!!!!!!!!