Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainbows outside my front door every morning

We have been without hot water since Thursday afternoon.  After reading Julia Wright's missionary journals from Fiji this past year, I thought we might escape the trials of spotty electricity, crazy tropical weather and water issues here in Dublin.  I was wrong.  Sponge baths only go so far in the comfort department.  Never fear, Robbie the Plumber came to our rescue this evening and we are better for it.  I'll leave you with a few of the pictures Davis took this past month.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I have to say that the rock formation down in the water in the first picture looks eerily like the little caution guy in the second picture - as if he really did fall off and land face down in the water! Strange... or at least how I see things is strange. ha Glad you've got hot water again!! :)