Friday, May 7, 2010

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Within five minutes of opening his gift from Uncle Steven, Davis had this Lego set constructed.  We had a great time celebrating Davis' 12th birthday on a sunny, warm day.  The day opened with French toast and A & W Root Beer that Scott secured from a Filipino shop near the city center.  (Breakfast of champions, right?)  We spent the afternoon at the cinema watching 'How To Train Your Dragon."  After that we played with our neighbors, ate hamburgers for dinner, Skyped the grandparents and ate a giant chocolate chip cookie with Andrew, Josh (from next door) and Leslie Coffey.  I think Davis had a good time in spite of the ear infection we went to the doctor for on Tuesday.  He is getting better by leaps and bounds.  Happy Birthday Davis !


  1. Five Minutes?! Five?!

    Looks like you guys are on a scavenger hunt trying to find things in Dublin that you woulnd't expect to be that hard to find.

  2. I guess the Filipinos like root beer. We must have imported it there at one time and they got addicted too. Yes, five.