Monday, May 24, 2010

At Last


Tiger Lily
One of the things we promised Bailey about our move to Ireland was her very own kitten.  Of course we can't get a dog because that would hurt Jett's feelings and the landlord might frown on that much furriness.  So yesterday evening we went to Lucie's house.  She happens to be from Prague so Scott busted out some Czech for her.  Lucie had both parent cats and 3 kittens.  Our friends Finton and Winnie came along hoping to get a kitten after a long hiatus without one.  Finton was thrilled--not.  The smallest one was not quite ready to go but Bailey got the female named Tiger Lily.  Since we don't have enough going on, Davis got Tiger Lily's brother Strider.  We had a peaceful night and lots of laughs this morning watching them run around, chase each other and play with pipe cleaners.  Bailey was super patient the last 2 months with our inability to secure a kitten for her, Davis was pleasantly surprised with his new furry friend and  Finton totally dodged that bullet.


  1. They are beautiful. Can't wait to see them in about 2 months. Yeah, kitties!

  2. TWO CATS???????? is your last name hutson? dakota is starting to feel left out, thinks she's becoming a bit too canine for our team :)

  3. Two cats are better than one dog!! Unless, of course, that dog is Dakota!