Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Boys of Summer

Representin' in warmup


Fian's cute little sister

Cassey the Dog

Look at that form!

Run Davis, run!
With temperatures reaching a balmy 50 degrees today, Davis had his first two Garristown Gruffaloes' baseball games.  Sadly they turned out as losses but Davis was the relief pitcher for the second game and with a 3-2 count struck the guy out to get us out of the inning.  Yeah baby!  This being his first ever time as pitcher in an actual game we were all pretty nervous but didn't have time to freak out.  Afterward Davis wilted on our quilt but had to get up and bat.  Our friend from Central church in Huntsville, Jim Norville is visiting us for a week and umpired the first game.  He may not be able to walk tomorrow but I hope he can still teach class.  We had a great time and look forward to our next game.


  1. So I have to ask...what is a Gruffalo? Grumpy buffalo?? :)

    And great job to Davis as pitcher...I'll have to tell Z, our resident baseball obsessed boy. ;)

  2. Davis, you looked great out there pitching! Keep up the good work. Denise, great pictures.

  3. Deanna- I believe a Gruffalo is like Big Foot. It comes from a book that I haven't read. I hope we aren't making any copyright infringements! Free advertising??