Monday, March 8, 2010

Worth It

These are the chips that were SO worth the 2.68 Euro we paid for them.

This is our neighbor Josh who is all sports all the time.

This is Josh's little sister Katy who is "hungry because she didn't get a treat after dinner."
We have been blessed by great neighbors, James and Amanda and their children Andrew (who you'll meet later), Josh and Katy.  You'll see in the photo Katy's gold star for her excellent work today at school.  She is 3 and I am more than happy to give her whatever treats we have on hand.  This family has been so welcoming from the get go and we are very thankful for their friendship and help.  When we ask them any question they go out of their way to give us the answer or find it for us.  We have accosted them several times in the yard about trash collection:  when?, what? and how?  We look forward to getting to know them more and more in the future.


  1. Looks like Sun Chips, but is the bag way too noisy? Also, do they have Harvest Cheddar? Those are the best.

  2. The neighbor kids are really cute. Can't wait to meet them.

  3. No the bag is not as noisy. I think they have the other flavors. This bag came with six individual packs inside. They tasted great with our tacos last night.