Friday, March 5, 2010

Seriously, you packed all that?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen we did pack all that stuff. In 27 crates. Some of which fared better than others. As a shameless plug for Gorilla Tape, oh yes they did, Davis ripped skin off his fingers and I ripped a hole in my glove trying to get that stuff off the boxes. I think our friends at NASA should take note. Now that we have most everything unpacked and put away we are beginning to feel more and more at home. Besides, when you have a silver Razorback tray what more do you need?


  1. Looks like the golf clubs made it. Scott can rest easy now.

  2. Scott used that broom on our wood floors today and it worked great! He even cleaned the area rug with it. I am a satisfied customer. You've got a craft fair partner anytime.