Friday, August 19, 2011

Team Retreat 2011

Happy Anniversary Shay and Juli!



Davis showing Craig how to use the skylight controls.

Ashlyn and Merschon comparing kneecap braces.

Watch out GQ.

After getting splashed be a wave, brrrrrr.


Can we all make it across?

Yes we can!

Whitepark Beach

No, Jo is not pregnant of course but the wind and her shirt did not mix.

Wow! Northern Ireland is beautiful and inexpensive, comparatively speaking. We stayed in a former pajama factory in Bushmills. We toured the Bushmills Whiskey factory for educational purposes of course. Bailey pointed out that part of the production line incorporated an Archimedean screw. Yeah for home education! Wednesday we visited the Giant's Causeway, walked across the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and saw the Dun Luce castle. Thursday we came home after making a stop at the Banbridge outlet mall. I scored a skirt and capris at the Gap for £8.38 and Davis got some new shoes at Nike for £15. Bargain shopping rocks especially when it is in £ and not Euro. Throughout the 4 days we had great times of Bible study and discussion as a team. Mainly we had a lot of fun together before our autumn activities get rolling.

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