Sunday, August 28, 2011

No time for losers...

Hey batter, batter...

swing batter, batter.

Good running form thanks to Turbofire.

Look Davis I got on base!

'cause the grownups are the champions OF THE WORLD!!!!! After numerous rain delays this afternoon the Gruffs' grownups beat the Gruff players 12-10. Yours truly got an RBI, walked twice and scored a run. Stop laughing. I'm serious. See above.

Nice form Ellis.

That tiny speck out there in the back 40 is me. Jo rocked as short stop.

Great acting Peter!

Fire in the Hole Dannen!

The finest Team Zombie catcher, I must say.


The really hard workers of the day.

Rain delay crazy eyes.
Of course it's really all about the kids. (sarcasm implied)

1 comment:

  1. no, denise, it's all about winning... which we did, thanks to your crucial RBI and base running skills. go Team Grown-ups!