Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dirty Santa Strikes Again

Ben Thompson strikes again!

Proud of our Dirty Santa gifts.

Baby Nathan

Presenting Bibles to the new babies.

Kyle, Clara and Craig

Peter and Lynette

Mick, Esther and Peter
We enjoyed Craig's birthday last night with cake, nice presents and a good round of Dirty Santa.  (We saved the mean business for last!)  Shay and Scott bonded over The Arsenal futbol team since they can't bond over American college football.  After church services this morning we celebrated Christmas with our Ranelagh congregation.  Several talented singers and musicians put on quite a show!  Chrstmas party number three is on Wednesday, stay tuned.


  1. Missing you guys....Kalla was reminicing while decorating her little pink tree that her and Bailey made ornaments for last year. :)

  2. We miss you too! Tell the kids Merry Christmas for us, Denise

  3. so many comments...
    1. LOVE craig's picture present! did bailey make it? the button arrow is fabulous.
    2. the teal lamp shade is way too cool! i don't get to see things like that on skype. thanks for the bigger picture.
    3. ben came to the christmas party?!?!?!?!
    4. your purple sparkly gloves and scarf are super-cool and very trendy! mooly would be so jealous if she saw them.
    5. thanks for the group picture!
    6. who's the couple with the baby? do i know them?
    7. i'm pretty sure i'd be a groupie of craig, clara, and kyle's band. and kyle probably needs to spell his name with a "c" if he's going to stay in it.
    8. i love seeing people pregnant... except my friends and my sisters, of course. don't worry, none of my sisters are pregnant, but for future reference...
    9. missed our girl skype today. i even read my chapter. but enjoyed talking with craig and merschon. we will have to make it up sometime this week.
    10. tomorrow is my birthday eve!!!!!!!!!!!!