Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rock (of Cashel)

"I've got the fever and the only cure is more cow bell."


You know it's fall when the ivy turns red.

Minutes before the Smiths got in trouble for being on the playground equipment.  Personally, I think it was the Hook 'Em Horns sign. 
We went to Tipperary this past week with our team for a little relaxation and bonding time. On the way we stopped at the Rock of Cashel and on the way back we toured Kilkenney.  Autumn is in full swing here and the leaves are beautiful.  Earlier today, Scott umpired the Baseball Ireland Little League championship game.  He almost threw out one of the coaches.  Maybe they won't ask him to fill in again.  Since the Mariners were short one player Davis got to fill in for center field and caught an amazing pop fly.  Tonight Scott and I met some baseball friends at the only Cajun restaurant in Dublin, Tante Zoe's.  I had blackened catfish and Scott ordered 'the best jambalaya he has ever had.'  It was certainly a bright spot on this rainy Saturday.  Next stop: their favorite Japanese restaurant.  Once again, enjoy the pictures.


  1. i wish i was wearing a coat with the rest of the team! :)

  2. Hey all! Went to Fayetteville this weekend for BBB & Apple Festival (in Lincoln). Awesome weekend as we stayed with Lynn & Nathan. It just wasn't the same without a cup of coffee with you! You are constantly before me brother. love your family for us! -Randall