Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Doesn't Rhyme With Ya'll

Pizza, pizza.

Eve and Bailey

Master Chef Peter Maguire

Second verse, same as the first.  A little bit louder...

The hard knock life for us.

Come to mama.

Child labor.
Apparently Scott got some slack recently for saying fall instead of autumn but you can't say 'Happy Autumn Ya'll' if you are trying to rhyme.  This season has been very beautiful.  We picked blackberries yesterday but ran out of jelly jars last night.  I guess it's cobbler from now on.  The Maguire clan invited us over for homemade pizza last Saturday night.  (Notice the stone pizza oven built by Mick and Peter--impressive.)  Following full bellies it was guitar jam session to the tune of 'Sunshine of My Love' with a little 'Hotel California' thrown in for good measure.  That's all for now, happy fall ya'll!


  1. it's fall here too!!! finally!!!!!!!! was scott responsible for "vocals" during the jam session?

  2. No vocals allowed. We have had great weather here this past week. It is probably colder in TX than in Dublin. OK maybe not.