Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little Q and A

Question:  What do you get when you cross 4 women, a temperamental GPS, a very narrow country road, a guy on a horse, a wide tractor, a semi truck and trailer, a horse trailer, some guys on bikes, one lane bridges, left side of the road driving and no shoulder on the road? 

Answer:  A nervous breakdown, that's what.  I might take up smoking and/or drinking after today's adventure.

Grandma Betty, Mom, Bailey and I dropped Scott off at the baseball field in Greystones this morning and headed off to Glendalough.  After much biting of fingernails and lighting of church candles (not really) we made it in one piece and so did the car.  The weather was gorgeous and the view was spectacular.  To give you some background, Glendalough is the site of an ancient monastery founded by St. Kevin (Google him) in the 600's.  Yeah, 6 zero zero. Although we did not make the hike around the lakes in the mountains as Davis did with Jo and Fintan earlier this year, we had a great time being together.  We got back to the baseball games in time to see the Spartans win their second game of the day.  My driving baptism with fire is over for now.


  1. 1. i like your new background. it's very pretty... and irish.
    2. i hear the best thing to smoke when you're having a nervous breakdown is something very natural and a bit illegal. but i wouldn't know...
    3. i'm glad you're learning how to drive so you can teach me when i come. i learn well from you, obviously.
    4. some people i go to church with homeschool. i told them about you.
    5. probably no skype tomorrow, but tuesday will be good.
    6. i sold a couple of quilts to some ladies at church.
    7. when i get to dublin you WILL be hiking to the top of the hill. get ready.
    8. i miss you.

  2. Jo, Maybe after we get back from the McGlynn's house for dinner I will Skype you. That should be around 9 or 10. I will FB this to you too. I will teach you to drive but it might be better coming from an actual instructor. Claire's husband Neal is pretty funny and he has a driving school. What did Westside say? I miss you too!