Monday, June 22, 2009

A Wedding, Jack Daniels, Baseball and Flat Jesus, oh my!

We enjoyed another whirlwind weekend filled with old friends and new. Saturday called for a road trip to Manchester, Tennessee to witness the wedding of Chris and Heather Nelson. I must say that Drew and Jessica rocked it out with two pre-wedding songs. Heather's sister and cousin are also very talented singers and musicians. On the way to the wedding we passed through Lynchburg, TN home of Jack Daniels and the less celebrated Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier. Scott did not let us stop on the way through to take a picture of Flat Jesus at the Jack Daniels Distillery. Who is Flat Jesus you say? The Wednesday night ladies' class is focusing on taking Jesus with us wherever we go, so.... Flat Jesus is our homework assignment for this week. It is not intended to offend or become an idol. The intention is to get Jesus off the pages of the Bible and right next to us in real life as He actually is. Cause for great discussion, n'est pas? Our Father's Day present to Scott was enduring 3 hours in the 98 degree/98% humidity watching him play old men's baseball. Good times. It was a close one (6-4) but we came out on the losing end. Scott's teammates were nice men and we did enjoy some baseball comraderie. Tomorrow calls for early morning blueberry picking. Hope you have a great week!


  1. I love the Flat Jesus idea!!
    Hope blueberry picking went well!!
    The boys are waiting (barely) for the 4th of July so they can go toMoma nd Dad's and pick blackberries!!

  2. Hey Denise!
    This is Janice Northen from Mt. Comfort. The flat Jesus is hilarious! I laughed so hard. Hope yall are doing well. We are praying for your mission.

  3. 'Nise,
    I'm not so sure about the Flat Jesus. He looks a little too Beatle-esque. Maybe it's the shades, but he looks like he came out of the Yellow Submarine cartoon.

    "Jesus in the Sky with Diamonds", maybe?

    Picture yourself on a boat on a river,
    He walks on the water,
    and turns it to wi-i-ine.
    Suddenly healing the blind and the crippled,
    Then rising up into the sky-y-y.