Saturday, June 13, 2009

Too Much Pork

Last night we enjoyed one of Huntsville's legendary restaurants, Gibson's BBQ. The folks there have been serving up BBQ since 1956. Their t-shirts read, "Too Much Pork For Just One Fork." Genius slogan. I'm not the expert on BBQ, but the hush puppies were to die for. Our friend Jim Norville says that Huntsville has more restaurants per capita than other large cities because engineers can't cook. Of course they can build rockets but who can do that on an empty stomach?

Speaking of pork, how about those Diamond Hogs?! Scott showed his true colors while golfing today amidst several Alabamans. Nothing like being in enemy territory to bring out the fan in you. Here's hoping the football team beats Alabama this year!

On another note, this mother's ears are delighted to hear Davis pleading for "just a few more minutes of reading, please?" He spent the better part of Saturday morning reading in his room. Let the Hallelujah chorus begin!

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