Thursday, February 14, 2013

We're Still Here Chugging Along

It snowed...for about 5 minutes.

Sofia Lane Beall's quilt

Disecting an owl pellet--yum.

We eventually found 3 skulls, but we were past the 'this-is-cool' phase and didn't take a picture.

Nothing says Valentine's Day like going to the Immigration Office to renew your visa and that's exactly what Scott and I did today. We passed with flying colors, although I did have minor trouble with the electronic finger-printing machine. Here are a few pics I've neglected to post since December:


  1. Always happy to see your updates, Denise. And admitting I'm happy I don't have to look at owl pellets ever again (if I'm lucky). ha. There is a season for everything. :-)

  2. It started to get bleh after a while. Bailey wasn't as keen to do it as I thought she would be since she likes messes so much. Davis definitely manned up and did the hard work. It wasn't as gross as the video we watched of the horned toad squirting blood out of its eyes. Ah, Youtube, what would we do without you?