Friday, June 15, 2012

What's today again?

Whew, we made it! As of this moment, all four of us are awake and mostly coherent. Wednesday, I think, we arrived in Dublin around 7:30 AM into the arms of Craig, Merschon, and Jo. We were all so excited to see each other! There may have been a few tears on my part, but I blame it on the sleep deprivation. In the car, Merschon whipped out some awesome chocolate chip cookies and we were on our way to readjusting to this time zone. After the Christmas-morning-like unpacking extravaganza, my head hit the pillow around noon and I didn't wake up until 4:30. Some time during that, Scott went to sleep, Bailey found her bed, and Davis took a 2 hour nap and was already playing outside with Billy, Alan, Zach, and Cassius. Around 5, Chris Holloway and Viktor came by to see us and Scott convinced them to play a little catch on the front green. At 8:30 PM I finally convinced Scott to go buy milk at Lidl where he saw Adam and Justina. I think the manager had to kick him out so they could close at 9! After more unpacking and general jetlag, we got the kids to bed at 11 and we nodded off at 12:30. A lot can happen in 17 hours!

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