Thursday, July 14, 2011

BBP and Plums

Another one of our Friday night cookouts went well. We had good food and a great game. Jo and Craig have given these nights a new name: Baldoyle Block Party or BBP for short. Kind of mysterious, right? I think it fits.

We also discovered that we have a plum tree in our back garden. Last year, no fruit. This year, plums. Really good plums that are just now ripening. Yippee!

Please join us in prayer for Jared, Lexi, and Corbin Cobb at the passing of their one month old son and brother Carver earlier this week. Lexi was a former student and intern of ours at the U of A. Super sweet, close knit family and friends will be walking with them through this grief. We thank God for eternally healing and holding sweet Carver in His arms.

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