Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did I Ever Tell You About the...

awesome hot pink/rusty bike that Bailey found in the ditch by the Dart line? No, well one day last summer, Bailey was lamenting the fact that we had not bought her a bike yet. We prayed about it and talked about how we wanted to be good stewards of the things God gives us. We were hunting for blackberries near the Dart tracks (don't worry, large fence with spiky things at the top prevents us from reaching the best blackberries and getting killed by the train) and found a ditch that people throw trash into and also have campfires. Really. We looked down and saw a child's size bike that was in fairly good condition considering its predicament. Yeah God! I went home and made asked Scott to fetch it. Bailey was super excited! We put up flyers in the Dart station to make sure no one was missing it. After a couple of weeks we decided it was all hers.

C-razy people.

Flash forward to two Sunday nights ago and here comes Hyejin baring an awesome, new silver bike that she can't take back to Korea which she proceeds to give to Bailey. Awesome! Hyejin also had a 3/4 size guitar for Davis. Double awesome! Hyejin is a precious friend that we so enjoyed getting to know while she was here taking English classes. She flew back to South Korea last week to join her family and Jinhwan where she will finish her university degree. We will miss her so much! Thank you Hyejin for all your kindnesses. God bless you!

p.s. There was no wind that night on Howth. I couldn't believe it. The wind is usually very strong especially on the hill. If the weather was like that all the time, then I wouldn't have anything to complain about taking
the 'hill walk' around Howth.

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  1. Oh, wow! God is good, and He double answered prayers! : )