Monday, February 21, 2011

Haze and Babel

Really, it's Babe and Hazel but when I was little that is what I called my great aunt and uncle once and it stuck.  Saturday evening Uncle Babe passed away after a battle with cancer.  He and my Grandpa looked the most alike out of the 7 Bailey boys and whenever I saw Babe I could see my Grandpa again.  He will be sorely missed and I ask that you join with me and many others in prayer for Aunt Hazel and the whole family.

Along these same lines, please pray for Mr. Clyde whose beautiful, sweet wife Georgine passed away Saturday evening as well.  I'll never forget one of the first Lifetalks we went to at their house where everyone went around the circle stating their name.  Georgine said, "My name is Georgine." Pause. "My Dad's name was George."  Perfect comedic timing.  Please pray for Clyde and the Central church as they mourn the loss of this wonderful woman.


  1. Denise, Love you girl! You are doing an amazing job, and I love reading about your beautiful family. I loved Dublin, and were you at the Cliffs of Moher-I think that's how you spell it? My brother and I toured Ireland in 1998-seems so long ago. Loved the land, and the people. : ) I"ll pray for Babe, Georgine, and their families. I'm sure they'll be missed. Sending hugs, Holly

  2. Thanks Holly! It has been so nice reconnecting with you. Yes, last August we visited the Cliffs when my mom and grandma were here. Spectacular and not as scary as I thought it would be with two kids in tow. 'Step away from the edge!' Sometime I would like to see the cliffs from the sea. We are doing well here and anytime you want to come just call ahead! Denise

  3. Praying for your Aunt Hazel and family. It's always hard to lose somebody you love.

    I love your story about Georgine. :-) She will be so missed...

    Thanks for your tip for me to NOT watch The Notebook for a few years. I will heed your advice! If you're not a crier and you cried, who knows what I would do? I'd start crying at the previews. ha.