Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jin says, "Goodbye" and Jo says, "Hello."

Delicious shamrock cookie made by Merschon!

This week our team was at the airport a lot.  Our good friend Jinhwan left Tuesday for South Korea after a year of English study here in Dublin.  We were able to throw him a going away party in conjunction with our Sunday night communion devotional time.  We are sad to see him go but look forward to staying in contact with him through Facebook and Skype.  Jin's girlfriend will still be here through June so we ask you to pray for the rest of her time here and that we can build a stronger relationship with her during that time. 

On Wednesday most of us went to the airport again to welcome Jo for a two week visit.  We are super excited to have her with us.  We all needed face to face communication. 

Awkward side hug with Shay.  
 The Smiths got to go to the airport 3 times this week, twice in Dublin and once in Shannon.  Their pulpit minister, mission committee head and friend Roger was here for a week but was delayed getting home because of snow in New Jersey.  Shay's mom couldn't get here until Friday because of a snow lay over in New York plus she was rerouted to Shannon.  At least Shay got to drive there in his new- to- them 7 passenger van.  I see some more road trips in our future.

Bailey and I got to sit on the sideline a lot this week because of a virus she has had.  We are getting a little stir crazy.  Her fever has gone away and now we are dealing with an inhaler for a croupy cough.  She has been perfecting her Wii skills much to the chagrin of Davis who would like to skip school too.

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  1. Hope Bailey recovers as quickly (or as slowly) as she wants to. ;-)

    I'd love to hear more about your "Sunday night communion devotional time"--sounds inviting!