Thursday, November 11, 2010


No, not the gross kind of hurling.  I'm talking about the Gaelic game of hurling.  The one that involves slitters (the ball), sticks, and thankfully shin guards and helmets with face protection.  Davis had his first game this past Saturday.  I can imagine someone watching baseball for the first time would be as confused as I was watching hurling.  How many players are on the field at a time?  No idea.  How long can you run with the ball in your hand?  No idea.  How many points do you get for passing it though the uprights as opposed to the net?  No idea.  Watching your son getting hit in the helmet with a slitter?  Priceless. 


  1. I didn't think he was going to play that.
    Dang, he looks tall in those pics!

    Keep us posted cause I've never known a professional hurler!!

  3. Wow! What a sport!:) We're looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks:) Can't wait! Hug your family for me.

  4. I was known as a professional hurler when I was a girl. Mom used to put towels down in the hallway from my room to the bathroom. It must run in the family. Rugby is what he won't be playing. It's like American football without the helmet and pads. I figure that hurling is close enough to baseball that he should do well.