Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Camp Shamrock Rocks!

Bailey, Maeve, and Laura

Keva, Bailey, Maeve and Clina the counselor


Eve Wilson (camp mascot)
Even though Bailey and I didn't stay at camp the whole week we really enjoyed ourselves.  It wasn't freezing cold, we saw the sun a couple of times and the counselors and staff were great!  I will really miss being in the kitchen with David and Fiona.  Bailey made two new friends, Maeve and Laura, that are her age and have compatible personalities.  It looks like we will both be going back next year for the whole shooting match!  Enjoy the pictures.


  1. i think next year you should be in charge of arts and crafts :) i will be in charge of "how to look great when your roughing it without using a straightner or makeup". it will be awesome!

  2. Good luck with that last thing.

  3. Bailey has the rock star slide going on!