Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I See Dead People

Entering the hallowed halls of Trinity College

1824 Oregon Maple

Dublin Castle

Yummy fish and chips!

Carving under St. Michen's organ loft

Not too tired to practice riding without holding handlebars.
Yesterday we had the pleasure of sight seeing with Kaelin and Michaela Schaper, our friends from Ft. Smith, AR.  We started out at Trinity College to view the beautifully illuminated Book of Kells.  Then we made our way to the Chester Beatty Library which houses an extensive collection of ancient (as in 150-200 AD) Biblical writing as well as 17th and 18th century Islamic and Buddhist artifacts.  Mr. Beatty made his fortune in the Colorado gold mines with his good friend Herbert Hoover.  In his later years he moved from London to Dublin to build the library which he left to the people of Dublin.  Pretty amazing.  Then we had fish and chips in the park of St. Patrick's Cathedral before heading off to Christ's Church Cathedral.  Kaelin and Michaela paid to go in but we are saving ourselves for when Mom and Grandma Betty come to visit.  After that we jaunted off to St. Michen's church to see the well preserved bones of the long deceased in the underground vaults.  That experience was very surreal because we were able to touch the hand of the 'Crusader' buried there.  In fact, the 'Crusader' probably missed the Crusades by 100 years but he was still pretty old.  Several important Dublin families had crypts there too.  Legend says that Handel practiced his 'Messiah' at St. Michen's before playing it for real at Christ's Church later that night.  By the time we got home we were all pretty tired but we had a good day with our friends exploring Dublin.


  1. I sure hope you counted that as a school day! :-) Your kids are getting an excellent education.

  2. We totally counted it as a school day even though there was ice cream somewhere in the middle of it all. Davis has been studying ancient history and we read all about Patrick and the Catholic church, Vikings, Saxons and Angles. So the book of Kells fit right in there. When you and Jeff come for a visit you will have to go the the Beatty Library and see the copies of the gospels from 150 AD. Awesome!

  3. It's a deal! If I can ever convince Jeff to go further east than Florida... :-)

  4. I saw something about that Crusader on either the History Channel or the Travel Channel.

    Davis totally looks like The Edge with that knit cap on. If there is an opportunity for him to wear a costume, just draw a goatee on his chin and have him carry his guitar on his back.