Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holla to Huntsville

Today we were blessed to have Scott Eades from the Central church in Huntsville, AL worship with us at Ranelagh.  Scott works for a company that has an office in Shannon so he comes here periodically to do internal audits.  I'm not sure if the employees like to see him coming but we did.  He even stayed awake until at least 2 pm when Scott dropped him off at his hotel. 

Another Huntsville phenomenon, Flat Jesus, made his appearance in Dublin on sightseeing day.  (Holla Lisa!)  He had a good time with Flat Stanley, all the way from Paragould, AR. 

Today was the warmest day since we have been here as you can tell by Davis and Bailey's afternoon wardrobe choices.  Davis got some awesome baby duck pictures at the park behind the church building.  Awww, how cute!

Scott Eades and Leslie Coffey

Those crazy American kids wearing shorts.

Flat Jesus listening to a band on Grafton Street

Flat Stanley hangin' with the seals in Howth

My favorite person on the team

Our team

Happy Birthday Scott!

Craig and Merschon Hutson

Shay, Juli and Ashlyn Smith

Jo Ellis
Our whole team got to be together today at church and at our house to celebrate Scott's 43rd birthday.  We have so loved being on the same continent at the same time.  Just a few more days together and then we go our separate ways for a little while.  Please be in prayer for the Hutsons and Jo to find sending churches who have a heart for the city of Dublin.  The Smiths will return the later part of June to stay and just in time for Camp Shamrock. 


  1. you didn't mention the peanut butter pie... not that there's much left to mention, but it was definitely NOT the "opposite of spectacular"!!!!

  2. How cool to see Flat Jesus in Ireland! He gets around, huh? :-) I love it. Thanks for making me smile today.