Tuesday, January 12, 2010

During my tenure as the head coach at Notre Dame...and other weekend musings

This weekend took us back to Huntsville, AL for our official missionary send off by our family at Central church.  The Norvilles hosted us once again which means great food and great company.  Jaime and Jan Burns invited us to their monthly supper club where we were treated to some of Barrion's awesome ribs along with fun games(?) and prizes.  Our elders were able to pray over 8 of our 10 team mates since Craig, Merschon, Shay and Ashlyn joined us for Sunday worship.  When we got to Memphis that evening Ben and Monica joined us for dinner/breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Then we traveled on to Senath and visited Grandmere and her gang.  No Scrabble competitions ensued so we got to bed pretty early.  The Senath church graciously made allowances in their budget for us this year and we are very thankful.  Uncle A.B. and Scott were able to hash out the Cardinal roster needs for this season.  And last but not least we did not, I repeat did NOT steal that Karnes Street sign even though it was hanging precariously by one screw and came off in Scott's hands.  (If anyone in Senath reads this post you can mail it to us later.)


  1. We loved getting to see y'all - thanks for stopping to see us! ~Monica

  2. I was wondering about that sign! :)