Sunday, May 31, 2009

Central C of C: The Concert Tour

I thought I would never see the day when neighbors of the church building would say, "That Church of Christ and their crazy rock-n-roll music." That day came in the form of an after church fellowship concert performed by two of the youth group bands. Yes, guitars, amplifiers, drums, microphones, lights, a stage and to make it official, a merchandise table. It goes something like this: the newish youth minister saw a musical gift in some of the young men that may have gone towards less holy pursuits than worshiping God. He encouraged them to use their talents for praising God instead of raising--you get the picture. So, after the fellowship meal, we headed out to the grass adjacent to the parking lot and had ourselves one LOUD form of entertainment. Bailey and Davis were enthralled. I asked Bailey what the band Turnpike was singing and her response was, (shrug) "I don't know. (pause) But it is Christian rock music." Next came the hip-hop style of JR/LT. Really, that is the name of the group. Today was the day their CD "dropped." Music industry illiterates that means became available for sale. Guess who was at the front of the mosh pit right up next to the stage with all the jumping and crowd surfing? You guessed it, Bailey Karnes. Afterwards, she said, "When that one guy was singing about girls he pointed right at me!" Squeal!!!!! Scott, the fun parent, bought them the CD. Great. Now when they become famous, we'll have our own autographed copy. ROCK ON!!!!!!

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