Saturday, February 25, 2012

Action Shots

 Did you know that when you use the action shot feature on my camera you can take 255 pictures in a few short seconds? And I only got one shot of Davis actually hitting the ball.

Parlez vous Francais?

This is Jola, our Polish friend from English class, and she is teaching Bailey, and reteaching me, French. We have had a great time and Jola is so gracious to do this for us. I told Bailey we could go to France for her senior trip, in 8 years. Better start saving our Euros now!



Ashlyn and Strider chillaxin'.
While the rest of the adults went to England to learn more about the Celebrate Recovery program, the team kids and I had a party. It was Ashlyn's first sleepover and we are so excited that she chose us! Don't worry; Juli survived too. We had school, saw The Muppet Movie, took a bath, slept all night long, had school again, played at the park, and ate copious amounts of brownies. Shhh, don't tell her mom about the brownies. Ashlyn didn't cry or seem upset, but when Mom and Dad got home she was very happy. We love you Ashlyn!

Valentine's Day, the Failte Isteach Way

One of the things we like to do with our English class students is subject them (and ourselves) to good-natured embarrassment. Since our class fell on Valentine's Day this year we decided to have serious learning and then some serious fun. Merschon made her awesome sugar cookies for the students to decorate and eat. Then we played the 'Forehead Name Game: Famous Couples Version.' Can you see Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve (I was Adam; Shay was Eve), Prince Charming and Snow White, or Brangelina? Our friends tolerated our craziness and hopefully they won't hold it against us for too long.